Visual Discovery Board

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This delightful Visual Discovery Board inspires children to experiment and explore freely with manipulating light and vision. 

It features four round panels, with;

  • A regular mirror,
  • A convex mirror,
  • A concave mirror,
  • A transparent window

The panels inspire the child to explore and experiment with manipulating their own visual input. The mirror allows the child to engage with his or her own reflection, or to enjoy a sneaky 'rear view' of what is behind. The domes of the convex and concave mirror alter the reflected image, creating unusual distortions and out of proportion shapes or sizes. The transparent window lets the child peep out to see what is hiding on the other side of the board - or to interact with a friend or carer.

The board can delight a little one with the humour and fun of experimenting with vision. It can also encourage ongoing engagement and concentration as he or she moves around finding new objects to 'transform' with the convex and concave panels. 

A toddler will enjoy spending time engaged in free, open-ended exploration with the Visual Discovery Board. An older child (a pre-schooler or young primary school child) could start to engage in more purposeful mirror-based experiments, such as identifying how the convex/concave mirrors affect images or looking at symmetry or reflecting light. 

The wooden board measures approximately 28cm x 28cm.