Simple Water Labyrinth



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Pour a drop of water or several on this labyrinth and see if you can make it clear to the end of the maze. Excellent tool for children needing more work with visual-tracking, hand-eye coordination and/or concentration. 

Labyrinths (including walking labyrinths, water labyrinths and sand labyrinths) are renowned for their capacity to induce a calming, meditative state.

The Simple Water Labyrinth features a figure-8 pattern, creating a potentially infinite loop for the travelling droplet. The Labyrinth board measures 29cm x 13cm.

The simpler design, and the feature of handles on either side of the maze, makes this the perfect starting point for a child who is learning to manipulate a labyrinth. For a more advanced version please see our Complex Water Labyrinth

Coloured water can also be used to create a point of interest and make the droplet more visually striking.