Waterproof Apron


The Waterproof Apron offers excellent protection from the messiest of activities (because the messiest are always the most fun!). Whether it is in the art studio, the kitchen or the garden this Apron will help to keep your child's clothing clean and dry! 

The waterproof material prevents most of the 'damage' as a child leans towards a canvas or other wonderfully messy material.

This waterproof material offers a great opportunity for children to exercise the "Practical Life" skill of wiping clean the smock after use. Most spills will occur at the front so children can simply wipe this down with a sponge (or even a wet-wipe!). The child can be involved in washing the apron then placing it on the Clothesline or hanging it up for next time!


The Waterproof Apron is featured in two gorgeous patterns; Red Spots and Coloured Apples.

The Coloured Apples Apron is size 2-4 (intended to fit children between the ages of 2 to 4!).

The Red Spots Apron comes in size 2-4 or 5-11.  

My wonderful Montessori model / niece Emily (aged 11 in this photo) demonstrates how the 5-11 size can effectively cover her torso.

We are so proud that our Waterproof Apron is entirely Australian designed and manufactured!

Please note that the patterns for our Smock and Aprons range have been deliberately picked to be gender-neutral.  

Waterproof Smock