We Love Nature

Brumby Sunstate



We Love Nature is a lovely little book but it's true value isn't as a text but as a provocation. It acts as a point of interest, a piece of inspiration, to encourage children (and families!) to spend time with nature.

This one little book (conveniently sized to fit in a child's backpack or the glove box of a car!) acts as;

  • An activity guide
  • A keepsake journal
  • A sketch bad

The pages are filled with ideas for different ways to explore, study and connect with nature, such as...

  • Swim with your family or friends at a local lake, river or pond,
  • Read nature books from the library and learn something new,
  • Map your own nature tour,
  • Learn birdsongs and then test your memory,
  • Examine the insects you find on a bug safari.

Each activity idea contains an outline of how to engage in that experience. It then prompts the child (and family) to record that experience either by sketching or by answering questions. The questions are designed to encourage the child to think deeply about the experience, to recall and reflect or to draw conclusions and connections.

The 'Bug Safari' activity, for instance, includes questions such as;

  • What else did we see on our bug hunt?
  • Where did we find the most bugs?
  • Why do we think they liked it there?
  • Observe a bug for at least 10 minutes and document what it does.

The book could be a long-term investment; the starting point in a child's lifelong love of nature. In fact, wouldn't it be beautiful for a child to fill this book in their childhood and then to share it with their own children one day in the future?!