Wooden Window Box



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A beautiful display box for all the little treasures that your little treasure collects! Unfinished wood also allows the opportunity for a child to personalise their treasure chest by sanding it smooth or varnishing or painting it for decoration.

Available in two sizes:

Small: 26cm x 20cm with a height of approximately 5.5cm and the interior is divided into 10 compartments.

Medium: 32.5 x 24.5cm with a height of approximately 5.5cm and the interior is divided into 12 compartments.

Both sizes are large enough to hold special treasures but small enough to be placed on a shelf, carried around by a young child or placed on a desk for closer inspection!

The box also comes with a set of small hooks to offer the option of fixing it to the wall as a beautiful display!

The compartments can contain an array of different objects according to your child’s interests (or the current topics of exploration in the classroom!).

The box also provides a really practical storage solution for various hobbies – for instance, the tight lid would keep beads safely contained in between jewellery making projects!

The clear lid allows for the treasures inside to remain permanently on-display. This is particularly useful for fragile objects as it allows for prolonged visual inspection without the need for excessive handling.

The small latch can be manipulated by even a very young child. The two year olds at my own Montessori school are happily able to flick open the latch after a little practice!

The box could also be used for various sorting exercises. For instance, each compartment could be designated for a specific colour (perhaps by placing a coloured dot sticker on the bottom!) to then sort coloured objects. This same technique could be used for other characteristics such as shapes! 

The box also provides a perfect arrangement for a Montessori-inspired gluing box. To create a gluing box the majority of the compartments hold small paper shapes for collage. One of the larger compartments holds a small jar (tiny, individual-serve jam jars are perfect!) of glue and another holds a small, short brush. If you prefer, a glue stick can be included in place of the liquid glue and brush.

The presence of ten compartments also makes the box perfect for an early counting exercise! Simply place numeral stickers, or labels, on the bottom of each compartment to show the numerals 1-10. Then provide 55 counters or small objects. The child can gather the full amount of counters in a basket or bowl and then set about distributing them into each compartment. It essentially creates a ‘DIY’ version of the Montessori Spindle Box! It also holds the added bonus that as a child’s counting skills progress the numerals at the base of each compartment can be changed to create higher, more challenging amounts!

The natural, unfinished wood also allows for the possibility of a child personalising the box with paint or decoupage. This would be particularly appropriate for a child who is using the box to store treasures relating to a special interest. For instance, a child who is collecting shells could decorate the box with images of sea life!