Wooden Cup


Each petite Wooden Cup measures approximately 6cm height, 6cm in diameter and its broadest point and 4.5cm in diameter at its opening. 

It is available in four options - please view the variant images and select your preference by using the drop-down menu!

The Wooden Cup can be used for a range of purposes.

It makes a perfect vessel for transferring and sorting activities as each cup can house a collection of little treasures.

From a practical perspective the Wooden Cup can be used for cool drinks or for warm beverages. It offers a great alternative to plastic cups for families or educators who don't wish to use plastic but aren't quite ready to introduce glass.

It can also inspire natural practical life experiences because it is not recommended for use with a dishwasher and therefore needs to be tenderly washed by hand - perhaps using our Child's Dish Brush.

Children can also protect and preserve their beautiful wooden Cup by oiling it as needed. This helps to extend the lifetime of the wood and encourages little ones to take responsibility for their tools and materials.

A child could also use a Wooden Cup as part of an art experience, either to house paint or glue or to contain small beads that are being used in a threading project.

The Wooden Cups are made from Acacia wood that is grown and harvested from eco-friendly and sustainable plantations. 

The wood will not stain or retain odours, so it's perfect for containing a range of liquids or ingredients. 

It is handcrafted from a solid piece of timber so there are no joins or adhesives to interfere with the natural beauty and longevity of the piece

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