Wooden Flower Construction Game

Knox and Floyd



An open-ended exploration that can help to stimulate imagination, inspire creativity and develop dexterity!

The Wooden Flowers Construction Game consists of 150 wooden pieces that can be connected into a range of different arrangements.

There are more than enough pieces to inspire harmonious group exploration with 'all hands on deck' to either create a range of individual constructions or to all collaborate on a shared project. 

I have seen similar connecting construction sets that use plastic shapes, but this is the first I have encountered that use wooden pieces! The wooden pieces come in a range of colours, which can enhance the patterns that children are making and facilitates conversations about identifying colours as well as shapes. Each piece is around 5cm in size, with exact dimensions varying according to the shape. 

The suitcase is decorated with a pattern that reflects its contents. It measures approximately 25cm in width, 18cm depth and 9cm height. It can be securely latched closed and comes with a sturdy handle so that it can be easily transported from one place to another. 

The suitcase is intended to be used as a container for the wooden pieces but some may prefer to display the pieces in a basket or tray, in which case the suitcase becomes an added bonus as a piece of decor or for other storage!

Recommended for ages 3+.