Wooden Ladle



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The Wooden Ladle perfectly showcases the grained beauty of Acacia wood.

It measures approximately 16cm in length. The spoon end is quite broad, with space of approximately 6 x 4cm. The tip of the Ladle's handle includes a curved tip. This can be used for hanging but can also be placed over the edge of a bowl or bucket to prevent the ladle from slipping down into it.

 The Wooden Ladle can be used for a range of transferring exercises or in real cooking tasks.

In my own classroom I have found that it is actually the perfect size for an extension of the Walking the Line activity. As a child walks carefully along a predetermined line, taking deliberate heel-to-toe steps, he or she can balance different objects to increase the challenge. We use the Wooden Ladle with a Wooden Egg Shaker balanced on it (similar to an 'egg and spoon race', except with an emphasis on going slowly rather than rushing!). The aim of this extension is not only to keep the egg on the spoon but also to try to prevent the Egg Shaker from making a sound (as it will emit a shaking sound if the child holding it is wobbling as they step).