Wooden Mixing Spoon


A real, quality tool for budding bakers.

The Wooden Mixing Spoon measures approximately 20cm.

Four colour options are available for the handle; Red, Green, Yellow, Pink.

The spoon itself is a natural, unfinished wood.

The act of mixing offers one of the 'gross motor' experiences of cooking or baking. Many of the other steps of baking - such as using measuring spoons - focus more on fine motor movement but the use of a mixing spoon helps to ensure that whole body movement is incorporated in the process.
As a child uses a mixing spoon to try to combine ingredients he or she:

  • Uses core strength to stabilise the body.
  • Develops coordination and control in the arms and upper body through the smooth, cyclical motions of the stirring.
  • Practices self-control and focus by trying to develop and maintain a smooth, successful stirring motion.
  • Discovers the 'self-correcting mechanism' that the mixture will spill from the bowl if the mixing motion is too fast or uncontrolled.
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