Wooden Scale Set

$100.00 $130.00

A gorgeous, retro look set of Wooden Scales. A wonderful sensorial experience - but also an attractive and inviting aesthetic feature in any prepared environment!

Includes five beautiful solid brass weights that vary in both size and weight.

When not in use these can be tucked carefully into five corresponding grooves on the front of the base, creating an incredibly inviting aesthetic as well as a great sense of organisation. 

The difference in the weights is apparent as they are held in the hands, and this comparison becomes visible as they are placed in the metal bowls of the scales.

The brass weights provide an opportunity for an adult to introduce the vocabulary associated with this sensory experience, from "largest" to "smallest" as well as "heaviest" to "lightest".

Please note: The scales are functional but not 100% accurate. The arms are held into the frame by a wooden dowel and this is initially quite tight. The arms may therefore need a little time or encouragement to readjust when weights are redistributed from one side to another. The Wooden Scales provide a beautiful representation of the characteristics of weight, and will inspire lots of experimentation and observation, but they should not be treated as a 'precision' tool.


SAFETY WARNING: The smallest brass weight measures .8cm x 1.8cm and may therefore present a choking/swallowing hazard for younger children or those who are still prone to 'mouthing' objects. If younger children are using the Scales then the brass weights could be removed and the child could use other materials for weighing and comparing.