Marble Tree

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 A delightful treat to engage the senses of any little learner. An experience of hand-eye coordination, visual stimulation and musical delight - plus a beautiful aesthetic addition to the decor of any room!

The marble is placed in the top of the frame (via a hole in the yellow cylinder) and then gently rolls down along each leaf of the tree towards the base. With each drop from one leaf to another a small sound occurs, and as the leaves grow larger with the descent the tone of this noise deepens. As the marble travels around the tree it therefore creates a little musical trail.

The Goki Marble Tree comes with three white marbles (which have an almost pearlescent appearance which my preschool children seem to find quite magical!)

The Marble Tree is approximately 39cm tall (from the bottom of the base to the top of the yellow sphere). The diameter of the base is approximately 16cm. The orange leaves at the top are around 4 x 5cm while the green leaves at the base measure around 7 x 8cm.

Recommended for ages 3 + due to the presence of small parts (marbles) which may present a choking hazard to younger children.

From the Goki brand, which is well-known for its charming and whimsical toys. 


PS. I actually love Marble Trees so much that we have two to choose from here at Montessori Child! If you'd like to view our other option for comparison (or to watch a short video of it in action) click here or on the picture below!